August News at Wings in the Night



We are always trying to increase our range of fabulous Gothic, Hippy and alternative clothing. This week has been especially good as we have added a new supplier, Restyle. Their stunning designs are based on Gothic, Victorian, Steam punk and Burlesque styles, which include Jewellery, hair accessories, clothes and bags. We have added a small selection of Goth Jewellery and hair accessories to start with and will add to this in time. We’d love to know what you think to this range so please add a comment below


new-in-0813Along with this we have also been adding lots of Gothic, Hippy, Medieval and alternative fashion from Bares. They are very popular due to their original, colourful designs which especially appeal to Hippies and Pagans. If you haven’t had the pleasure of browsing Bares clothing why not check them out!! We’ve added a few pictures together of newly listed and back in stock items to give you an idea of the fab products you’ll find at Wings in the Night so if you see anything you like, place an order with us and see for yourself!

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