Books & Magazines

Books sold in this category are on a range of subjects related to Paganism, Witchcraft, Wicca, Spiritualism and alternative healing. This guide is designed to help you understand how we classify our books.
Brand New - A book that is straight out of the box or directly from the store and never been read
Like New - A book which looks new but may have been on the shelf for a while before you get it.  If we can see creases in the pages or spine it is not like new to us.

Very Good - A book which has been read at least once.  It may have a folded over page mark or very slightly discoloured non-binding side page edges, but will always look close to new at first glance.
Good - A book which has seen a little wear and tear, though is not in any way unusable.  The book is functionally whole, but the binding side may be worn from use or the pages may be folded over to keep a good bookmark.  A book in Good condition will never be in disarray or falling apart, it will have all of its pages and will be very readable.  It will be noticeably used though.
Acceptable - A book in which you can visibly tell it is used, but still has its original shape and a good binding.  We will not sell a book which we feel will fall apart on the next reading of it.  Acceptable to us means something which can withstand a few more readings without coming apart on you.  Pages can be folded over for bookmarks, and edges can be slightly discoloured, but overall the book must be functional and capable of being read.  A book with creasing to the cover, but with all pages being in good condition is Acceptable, but we clearly describe this condition of the book and will make note of tears in the cover or problems in our description of the book.
Unacceptable Books - Books with writing or highlighter marks in them will not be sold through us unless a special request is made, we do not feel like this is an acceptable condition for us to sell a book in.  We do not sell books that have been dunked in water with undulating pages distorting the original shape of the book.  We do not sell books which have torn pages.