Divination is the ability to find out things which might otherwise be hidden either in the past, present or future. It is often referred to as fortune-telling, psychic reading, dowsing, palmistry or Scrying. It can be practised with various different tools including tarot, runes, crystal balls, tea-leaves, dowsing rods, pendulams and mirrors. It is not a way of conjuring spirits who will answer questions, rather a way of accessing the inner mind.
A few most popluar Divination methods include:
Tarot - A special deck of cards is used to read the tarot. A tarot deck is made up of 78 mystical cards, 22 cards form the Major Arcana plus four suits of 14 cards called the Minor Arcana. For a reading, a number of cards are laid out in a spread and thier combitation and progression are interpreted.
Runes - These can be made from wood. stone, pottery, crystals or other materials. Each rune is illustrated with a different symbol and it is the interpretation of the combination of symbols that gives the reading.
Tea Leaf Reading - A very old form of divination that has largely died out since the introduction of the tea bag. Tea is brewed in a pot and poured, un-strained, into a cup. Once the cup has been drunk the remaining tea leaves form a pattern that is used to interpret future events.