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ELDERBERRIES Dried Herb - Protection, Healing, Exorcism

ELDERBERRIES Dried Herb - Protection, Healing, Exorcism

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Product information

Elderberries are used for protection, carry in sachets to ward off attackers and protect against evil and negativity or hang the sachets above windows and doors to protect the home from evil. Place the berries beneath your pillow if you have difficulty sleeping to aid restful sleep. 
To bless a person, place or thing, scatter the berries to the four winds in the name of the person or object to be blessed. Then scatter some more berries over the person or object itself.
The Elder tree is sacred to the Goddess due to it's white flowers. 
Elderberries can also be used in protection, healing and exorcism spells.
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Venus
Element:  Water
Deities: Holda, Venus.
 This herb comes in a clear grip seal bag for freshness, measuring 8 x 7 Cm's, weighing 25g.

Technical specifications

Condition: New
Product Code: EB1199
Weight: 0.03kg


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