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Enhance your Psychic Powers by Soraya Paperback Book - New

Enhance your Psychic Powers by Soraya Paperback Book - New

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Enhance your Psychic Powers paperback book by Soraya
Using Chakras, Meditation, Candles, Crystals and other methods to develop your Psychic Intuition and Abilities.
Condition: New
Geddes & Grosset, 2015 - 288 Pages
Soraya explains that chances are, if you have been drawn to pick up this book, then you have had experiences that may have lead you to believe that you might be even the tiniest bit psychic. But those with psychic tendencies need practice and calm to develop their powers. Soraya explains the importance of relaxation and how to use meditation, and opening the chakras to create a calm state of receptiveness and positive energy. The book gives exercises in divination using various methods that include many forms such as tarot, clouds, fortune cookies, handwriting, numbers, ancient wisdom, and also the zodiac. Appendices include sections of interpretations such as animals, birds, trees and flowers, crystals and numbers.

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Brand: Geddes & Grosset
Condition: New
Product Code: BK1054
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