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Gwydion's PAGAN Moon Diary 2021 - Softback A5 Size

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Gwydion's Moon Diary 2021 printed in Glastonbury, UK. 
A fascinating, unique diary for those seeking a deeper understanding of Pagan spirituality. All the details you'll need - Sun, Moon & Planet Zodiac entry times, Moon Phases, 'true' Esbat and Sabbat dates, Sun rise/set, traditional Moon Planting times, night sky sights, meteor showers etc., the annual ceremonies, enactments and cycles explained and much more. Uniquely, it includes essays and writings explaining the symbolism and underlying concepts of Pagan spirituality, unavailable anywhere else. Much more than just a diary - a wonderful Pagan present. It comes in an A5 booklet format.
 A specialist diary and annual reference for Witches, Druids, and the wider spectrum of resurgent natural spiritual traditions in Britain today.
Gwydion’s Moon Diary is unique – as well as all the dates, times and details you’d expect, the readings throughout provide a fascinating introduction to the origins, historical development and concepts of natural spirituality, which led to the symbolism underlying the annual Celtic Fire Festivals we celebrate nowadays.
This background knowledge is essential for a clear understanding of our resurgent Pagan traditions and ethos today, and its relevance for an educated, rational humanity.
“True spirituality doesn’t require ‘faith’ in a ‘set of beliefs’, and the mythological Goddesses and Gods of Pagan traditions are not something simply to ‘believe in’. As cultural constructs they developed to, and continue to symbolise the reality of our ultimate reliance on living nature. Understanding the meanings behind the content of our traditions brings clarity to finding one’s path, I trust it proves so for you.”  -  Julian.
As a reference, it gives times and dates for Moon phases and Signs, Sun Signs, planetary/Zodiac entry times, eclipses, sunrise/set, explanations of the symbolic Sun God and Earth Goddess cycles and their myths, Sabbat and ‘true’ Esbat dates, outline guide to seasonal and Sabbat ceremonies and other fascinating snippets, U.K. public holidays, traditional Moon planting/sowing times, nature and countryside notes, annual night sky sights, meteor showers and so on, and the end section includes other items and readings.
For a small diary this has loads of information.

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