Herbs, Barks, Resins & Blends

Browse our selection of dried herbs, barks, resins and flowers, each with thier own power and use. Add them to incenses, spells, infusions, poppets, baths, sachets and all ritual and Spellcraft uses.
All the herbs, resins, barks and flowers we sell at Wings in the Night are of high quality and carefully selected ourselves from reputable Pagan, Witchcraft and herbal suppliers or grown ourselves at Wings in the Night.
We stock over 100 herbs, resins, barks and flowers on our website.
**All of our herbs, barks, resins, flowers and powders we sell are intended for ritual and spell craft uses only. We are required by law to state that our herbs, barks, resins and powders are sold for entertainment purposes only, we cannot guarantee that you will gain the outcome you wish by using any of our herbs, Spell Kits and Charm bags and they should not be used in place of medical advice and treatment. They are not sold for any medicinal use, even though some of the herbs are well known culinary varieties, you cannot assume they are of culinary grade and so should not under any circumstances ingest them in any form**

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