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Hot Foot Powder Self Lighting Incense

Keep undesired people away or curse enemies
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Product information

Hot Foot Powder incense is Inspired by traditions of powerful magic. It is intended to help keep undesired people away or to curse your enemies.
Place a small amount in a heatproof bowl, censor or iron cauldron and light. The powder will keep itself burning so there is NO need for using charcoal to burn. It is quite potent but you can add more once it's alight if needed.

Hot foot powder is used in African American hoodoo folk magic to drive unwanted people away. It is a mixture of herbs and minerals, virtually always including chilli powder, Salt Pepper and chilli flakes.

Each pack contains approx 20g of Self-Lighting powdered incense.

Technical specifications

Brand: 1618 Gold
Condition: New
Product Code: IPGHOFB
Weight: 0.03kg


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