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OPOPONAX GUM 25g Incense Resin

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Protection, Knowledge, Banish Negativity

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Product information

Magical Uses: Protection, spiritual healing, banishes negativity, meditation, purification and cleansing.
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Opopanax Gum (also known as Sweet Myrrh) has a sweet, earthy fragrance, similar to myrrh. It is great for meditation and in parts of Africa where it originates, it is also used to treat snakebites and repel parasites, leading to it being used in ritual crafts to help repel negative energy, psychic vampires, negative thoughts and evil spirits. Opoponax gum can be helpful in workings for protection or when one is besieged, but it is also great for learning secrets and generally acquiring knowledge.
All the herbs, resins, barks and flowers we sell at Wings in the Night are of high quality and carefully selected ourselves from reputable Pagan, Witchcraft and herbal suppliers or grown ourselves at Wings in the Night.
This is supplied in a clear grip seal bag to retain freshness, measuring 8 x 7 cm and weighing 25g.
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